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I guess everyone's gone. Endrance, Silabus... even Ashiya might be. Not like I got to talk to her again, though. This place is two quiet. It's like being in a lost ground.

Pretty depressing.

I wish Kuhn were here... he'd liven things up, at least.

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You know, I haven't seen that... person around that decided they were gonna invade my personal space. Wonder if I scared her off or something. I wish that would work on Atoli.

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HEY SILABUS, you done being a tree? I'm bored as hell.

Besides, I need to keep my mind off of home. Maybe I'll go help that one guy with his cleaning. Least it's something to do.
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Just so you know, I REALLY hate this fucking place. Not only did some jerk try to pick a fight with me, but some big... creature did too! Not to mention that girl Ashiya KISSED me for no good reason. Ugh.

Silabus is here. No Atoli thankgod, but Endrance is too. No sign of the hag or any of G.URaven. No Gaspard though. Poor kid must be having a panic attack.

Silabus is stuck to a tree. Guess I have to fix THAT mess, too.

Damn it.